Loans And Physician Lending Without Income

27 May

A very good loan offer for special professional groups is held by the Bank – DBP Bank, db cash loan. So if you belong to one of the following professional groups, check the offer of cash loan on simplified terms.

Architects, Doctors, Vets, Administration, Teachers, Accountants, Lawyers

The cash loan is granted without the need to document income. You can receive cash on the basis of your ID card and the diploma of graduation!

The special offer is characterized by:

  • Low, equal installment
  • No guarantors or security
  • Amount from PLN 500 to PLN 150,000
  • The loan period is up to 10 years
  • Attractive Borrower insurance

To this we will get a very attractive, low interest rate with the possibility of even greater reduction.

The offer also includes a consolidation loan, ie the conversion of several previous installments of various loans into one low installment. After completing the application, the consultant can present a simulation and calculate how much you save by deciding on a consolidation loan? The car loan looks equally attractive, where you get cash in your hand. In the package, we will receive an inspection of the purchased car, i.e. a thorough check by the vehicle specialist before purchase. We will be sure that we will not buy the proverbial cat in a sack.

Best accounts – Ranking of bank accounts

Best accounts - Ranking of bank accounts

It’s worth changing your bank account for better and free. The standard is already access to the account via the Internet, the possibility of earning on high-interest bank deposits and the ability to use the credit line in your account. 100% on-line service – ATMs for PLN 0, account keeping PLN 0, card PLN 0, transfers PLN 0. Set up the best personal account!


Cash loans via the Internet

Here we have prepared a special offer of cash loans without leaving your home: via the Internet, telephone or SMS. Loans for evidence, without certificates and unnecessary formalities. Fast, convenient and convenient.


A quick cash loan for every 24/7

A quick cash loan for every 24/7

Online loans, online payday loans – this is an excellent solution for people who need cash quickly. Loans without certificates for individual clients and companies with a transfer to the customer’s account in 15 minutes. Just ID card, bank account number.


Comparison of cash loans

Comparison of cash loans

Compare cash loans and choose the best, most advantageous cash loan with a low installment. A cash loan will quickly help you patch the hole in your home budget. Check which banks will lend you money under the best conditions and how much will the monthly installment of the loan. Choose the best cash loan and order it online. Fast credit decision!


Comparison of housing loans

Compare housing loans from 25 Banks. Calculate installments, compare offers. Choose the best mortgage for yourself. A mortgage loan with a low margin will allow you to fulfill your dreams of own accommodation.

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